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How to Attach the Curve Master Presser Foot  Click this link for a video

Curve Master Foot and Adapters #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 (l to r)

The Curve Master comes with the snap-on/clip-on foot and all six shank adapters.  Bernina users must also use the special Bernina shank which allows use of generic feet.  See below for more information.

We have never met a sewing machine that the Curve Master will not fit!

Curve Master Adapter Guide - How to Attach the Curve Master to Your Machine
Curve Master Presser Foot Alone
Clips on or snaps on to any machine which takes a clip on foot (Pfaff requires adapter #1 see below). Janome, Viking Husqvarna, Elna, Baby Lock, New Home, White, Necchi, Brother, Toyota, Juki, and many others.

Adapter #1 (shortest)
Singer Featherweight 221 and 221, Pfaff, and other low shank machines with screw-on feet. 
Note that Bernina adapter #75 and #77 will require use of this adapter #1 as well.
Adapter #2 (next shortest) Some Singer Quantums if they do not clip on
Adapter #3 Singer Slant Needle Machines
Adapter #4 High Shank Brother
Adapter #5 Super High Shank Kenmore
Adapter #6 (Tallest) Brother 1300 and 1500 and Juki 98 and other quilting-type sewing machines

To Attach An Adapter to the Curve Master
To attach adapter, place the Curve Master on a solid surface, not in your hand. Position the open arch of the adapter over the wire of the Curve Master. Starting at one edge, roll the adapter on from edge to edge. To remove the adapter, do this in reverse. Roll the adapter from edge to edge; DO NOT pull or twist it off as this will break the adapter.

BERNINA users note:  ALL Berninas will accept the Curve Master. A special metal Bernina shank adapter is required. You would have this if you have ever used a generic, or non-Bernina foot on your machine, or if you have the Bernina ruffler attachment. If you need one, it is available on the Just Curves website or from your Bernina dealer.

There are two styles of Bernina shank adapter. The style we sell is the #1008 (for older Berninas 1630 and prior; or #125 for newer Berninas post-1630). These adapters allow the Curve Master to clip directly onto the shank and attach as a regular Bernina foot.

The second style, #75 non-Classic for older Berninas, or the #77 Classic for newer Berninas, requires the use of Curve Master adapter #1 with them to attach the Curve Master.  This style is available from a Bernina dealer.  It is also the removable part of a Bernina Ruffler attachment; so if you already have the Bernina Ruffler attachment, remove the "adapter" from it and use it with the Curve Master!

PFAFF Users Note: – Disengage dual feed, remove metal ankle from the sewing machine and replace with Adapter #1. Attach Curve Master.

JANOME Users of NEWER Machines with 9 mm feet Note:   First, use the Curve Master adapter #4.  Be sure the U-shaped opening is UP all the way underneath the screw on your machine shank and then be sure it it tightened all the way down, square and flush against the metal shank.  Turn the handwheel to lower the needle to be certain it does not hit the adapter where it attached to the Curve Master.  On most Janome 12000 machines, this will work.  On a few of the newer Janome  machines, this does not work; you may purchase a metal adapter from your Janome dealer, a Janome 11000 Foot Holder which will take the place of your newer Janome Foot Holder.  The Janome 11000 Foot Holder will definitely work with the Curve Master.

If any Curve Master foot or shank breaks, we replace it at no charge.  Just contact us.  If you prefer a metal shank instead of the plastic material, we have a Metal Low Shank to replace adapter #1.  It is in the Shopping section of this website.